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FEATURED SCIENTIST OF THE MONTH: Dr. Kelvin Richards - 04.17.2013

Hometown: I’m from a small village in the United Kingdom, but I consider Honolulu my home.

Occupation: Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawai?i

Research Interests: I’m interested in the role of the ocean in climate and climate change. I investigate ocean processes responsible for mixing and how these processes impact upon marine ecosystems – in the tropics, for example, there are larger-scale impacts. One important feature of water motion is turbulence and I’ve been on four research cruises over the past two years to measure turbulence on the oceans.

Interests Growing up: Music! I actually used to play the euphonium in a brass band. I also like cricket and rugby.

How I got into Marine Science: I actually didn’t start off studying marine science. In fact, I did my first degree in the U.K. in Mathematics. I became interested in fluid dynamics and the ocean is a big fluid and that’s how I ended up studying marine systems.

Scientific Mission: I consider myself a natural philosopher. I want my work to help in policy writing and management. I’m specifically interested in issues from fisheries through to climate change.
Advice for Young Scientists: Go with your passion! Be prepared with respect to your scientific knowledge. Do your research! And be realistic with your expectations.

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