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FEATURED SCIENTIST OF THE MONTH: Margaret McManus - 07.01.2013

Hometown: Sherborn, MA

Occupation: Professor of Oceanography, University of Hawaii Manoa

Research Interests: My focus is coastal physical Oceanography and I investigate physical-biological interactions.

Interests Growing up: I always liked being outdoors and near the ocean. I enjoyed horseback riding as well, and I worked hard taking care of horses. I love both environmental science and math makes everything seem right in the world.

How I got into Marine Science: I fell in love with the beach at a very young age and Marine Science something that I always wanted to do. My father’s family had been shipbuilders and so I’ve always had that connection to the ocean. It’s in my blood. I also had great mentors and inspiring teachers that fostered my interests and I participated in research experiences as an undergraduate.

Scientific Mission: I want to understand how the ocean functions. I want to know how physical processes structure biological patterns. My mission is to discover as much as I can so that I can explain to people how things work.

Advice for Young Scientists: Study! You’ll need a good academic base.
Take opportunities and make good use of high school internships and undergraduate research experiences.

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