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Featured Scientist of the Month: Jason Adolf - 10.17.2013

Hometown: East Windsor, NJ

Occupation: Assistant Professor of Marine Science, University of Hawai?i, Hilo

Research Interests: Phytoplankton Ecology and Biological Oceanography. I investigate how changes in phytoplankton in the coastal ocean impacts higher trophic levels.

Interests Growing up: I was not actually academically-minded growing up. I was very much into sports, the beach, and music. I even played guitar in a band, but my grandfather was a fisherman and I worked as a clam-digger in the summers on the Jersey Shore with my grandparents.

How I got into Marine Science: I’ve always had an interest in the ocean and I decided to go to school for Marine Science. I went to a small college and had great professors who were very encouraging. I was able to get lots of individual mentorship.

Scientific Mission: I want to show people that water chemistry and microbes have impacts on the entire ecosystem including people. I want people to think about how things are connected.

Advice for Young Scientists: Simple … Pursue something that you really like. Graduate school takes a lot of hard work and sacrifice, but if you enjoy what you do, and you’re passionate about it, it’s so much easier. Also, be curious!

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