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03.24.2015 - Ethan Allen interviews Dr. Judy Lemus about her recent voyage on the Research Vessel Falkor in the Tasman Sea as a team of international researchers studied internal tides.  MORE >>
03.02.2015 - Featured Scientist: Brian W. Bowen's research interests: "Resolving how marine biodiversity is produced and maintained. These studies focus on the genetic connectivity of coral reef communities across the Indo-Pacific region, with a special focus on the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument."  MORE >>
02.04.2015 - Featured Scientist: Kevin Weng, "Hang around with curious, motivated people who are doing interesting things. Get good grades, err on the quantitative side (ha ha). Go outside and poke things. Kill your TV."  MORE >>
11.05.2014 - Featured Scientist: Dr Ruth Gates, "Do what you're passionate about and don't worry about being judged by others. If you do your best you will always succeed."  MORE >>
10.24.2014 - Aia La O Pele i Hawaii: There is Pele in Hawaii— Is Geothermal Appropriate for Hawaii? Thursday, October 30, 2014 5 PM to 8 PM  MORE >>
10.24.2014 - This Sunday: Admiring the Seascape and more... Presentations take place in the Education Center Alcove of the Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve, beginning at 3:00 p.m. every Sunday afternoon.  MORE >>
10.06.2014 - Featured Scientist: Molly Timmers, "Be open and try new experiences. Stay curious and don’t be afraid to ask questions. Keep persevering and always try to maintain a positive attitude. And, keep an ear and eye open at all times because opportunities arrive when you least expect it."  MORE >>
09.03.2014 - Featured Scientist Randy Kosaki: "My first job in marine science was when I was five, and my parents paid me $0.25 a week to feed the fish in our five gallon aquarium. It is one of the best jobs I have ever had. For me, marine science is a hobby that has grown wildly out of control. I've always enjoyed the ocean and marine life, whether it's via studying fish, photographing fish, catching fish, eating fish, or doing research on fish. Fortunately, the pay has gotten better since I first started."  MORE >>
07.31.2014 - Featured Scientist: Nyssa Silbiger's scientific mission, "To conduct meaningful science that actually influences conservation."  MORE >>
07.31.2014 - Follow COSEE Island Earth on Facebook  MORE >>
07.08.2014 - During the last part of June of 2014, the National Science Foundation, Pacific Resources for Education and Learning, COSEE Island Earth, and the Disney Foundation generously underwrote the “Climate Science Teacher Institute” at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology on Mokuolo’e (Coconut Island) in Kaneohe on the island of Oahu.  MORE >>
07.07.2014 - Featured Scientist: Jason Leonard has some advice for young scientists, "Get plugged in and show your passion. Get interested in people, ask questions, and volunteer all you can with ocean-related activities."  MORE >>
05.20.2014 - Featured Scientist: Yumi Yasutake, the Kauai Programs Outreach Coordinator, Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument, loves science because "I like learning about the natural environment, and science is a good way to do it. Being a keen observer is what science is all about..."  MORE >>
03.31.2014 - Featured Scientist, Brian Powell's scientific mission is to improve our understanding of how a complex, dynamical system behaves in the short-term. We hope to have ocean forecasts as ubiquitous as for the weather.  MORE >>
03.21.2014 - The Climate Science Teacher Institute invites you to a seven-day workshop on Climate Change on June 18 – 20 and 23 – 26, 2014* at the Hawai‘i Institute of Marine Biology on Moku o Lo‘e (Coconut Island) in K?ne?ohe, Oahu.  MORE >>
03.21.2014 - ...a documentary film about the whaling shipwreck site Two Brothers, lost at French Frigate Shoals in 1823, and discovered by a team of maritime archaeologists in 2008.  MORE >>
02.18.2014 - The COSEE media interns produced a short video to give you a peek into what they experienced this semester.  MORE >>
02.17.2014 - Meet COSEE featured scientist: Eric Tong  MORE >>
01.23.2014 - Last semester, COSEE Island Earth hosted two Communicating Ocean Sciences courses. One was featured in Kailua-Kona for ten weeks working with marine tourism industry and community members, and one at Kapiolani Community College for biology students. Check out our new video, highlight the two courses.  MORE >>
01.15.2014 - seaHarmony, the COSEE Island Earth online collaboration network that connects scientists, educators, and resource managers, is now available to members across the U.S.  MORE >>
01.14.2014 - The Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology at the University of Hawaii, in partnership with Paepae o He'eia and support from the National Science Foundation and Omidyar Foundation, has just released a new educational iPhone app for He'eia Fishpond on Oahu (Loko I'a o He'eia).  MORE >>
01.14.2014 - Featured scientist, Danielle Spirandelli's scientific mission: To maintain & improve key ecosystem functions that support the health of coastal ecosystems, habitats, and communities.  MORE >>
01.04.2014 - Voice of the Sea to begin airing in Hawaii on KFVE channel 5 (and 1005 HD) starting Sunday Jan 5, 2014  MORE >>
01.02.2014 - COSEE Island Earth in partnership with the Waimea Ocean Film Festival is pleased to showcase the winners of the 2014 Student Ocean Film Contest - HIT MORE TO WATCH THE FILMS! First Place Winner * Skippy Hau Maui’s Aquatic Biologist - Aisake Fakava, Megan King, Ben King, Lokelani Intermeidate Runner Up *The Dirty Ocean - Chad Ikegami, Landon Murai, Jonathon Wohler, Niu Valley Middle School Honorable Mentions * Empowerment - Xochitl Cornejo, Azure Naeole, La Pietra * Voyage of the Hokulea -Trevor Tamashiro, Niu Valley Middle School * Life’s A Dive - John Taschner , Le Jardin Academy  MORE >>
11.21.2013 - The month-long Hanauma Bay talks have concluded. We would like to extend our gratitude to all of the wonderful speakers and to all those who attended the talks at the Hanauma Bay visitors center. Thank you to our guests for your feedback. We look forward to our next opportunity to help stimulate ocean science education and excellence.  MORE >>
11.07.2013 - Meet our researcher of the month, Whitlow Au Ph.D. Dr. Au is a scientist who studies dolphins and whales. He is originally from Kailua, HI  MORE >>
10.17.2013 - A student ocean-themed film contest for grades 7-12 in all schools across Hawai‘i.  MORE >>
10.17.2013 - Our featured scientist of the month is Jason Adolf, from the University of Hawaii Hilo.  MORE >>
09.10.2013 - Dr. Rodgers is our featured scientist of the month. She is a Coral Reef Ecologist with the Hawaii Coral Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program, who is interested in the long term monitoring of the entire reef system (coral, fish, etc.)  MORE >>
09.04.2013 - Our new 60 second video describes the mission of COSEE Island Earth. COSEE Island Earth in Hawai'i strives to bring marine science and research to the public realm. See how we do it in this short video!  MORE >>
07.24.2013 - Marine environmental educators gather at the HEEA symposium to showcase their work.  MORE >>
07.24.2013 - The Nai'a Guide is a free, new, downloadable app for the iPad to demonstrate proper dolphin-viewing techniques.  MORE >>
07.24.2013 - The University of Hawaii’s Kapiolani Community College and COSEE Island Earth is pleased to announce a New Class this Fall 2013!  MORE >>
07.10.2013 - Two $1,000 grants for Hawaii educational organizations interested in False Killer Whales  MORE >>
07.01.2013 - Dr. McManus is our featured scientist of the month. She is a Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawaii Manoa who studies coastal physical oceanography and explores physical-biological interactions.  MORE >>
06.26.2013 - Join COSEE and HIMB on October 25th and 26th for this year's SOEST open house!  MORE >>
06.24.2013 - The Hawai'i Environmental Education Alliance in conjunction with COSEE Island Earth is coordinating the second annual Environmental Education Symposium!  MORE >>
06.03.2013 - This year to celebrate World Ocean Day, COSEE Island Earth participated in the second annual, Ocean FEST!  MORE >>
05.29.2013 - Hometown: I grew up in a small town in the former Czechoslovakia, but my big dreams led me to the capital city, Prague, where I went to college. Occupation: Assistant Professor at the University of Hawai?i Department of Geology and Geophysics Research Interests: I study coastal hydrological processes, which is how water transports solutes, including land pollution, from the land to the ocean and how geochemistry of the coastal ocean changes due to these inputs. Things like urbanization and agriculture are increasing the amount of anthropogenic pollutants in the groundwater and I work to better understand how these land-use changes affect coastal ecosystems. Interests Growing up: I tried many things but I really enjoyed sports. I was Captain of my school's handball team and I went on to play in college. I loved the team spirit and enjoyed the thrill of the game. How I got into Marine Science: No-one in my family has a PhD and it really wasn't my dream to get one growing up. I always loved chemistry though and I had very inspiring teachers. That motivated me. Growing up in a land-locked country and the ocean being a mysterious big body of water that I have only seen on TV, I was drawn to it. Scientific Mission: Most people have a fear of radioactivity, but I take advantage of natural radioactivity and use it as a natural tracer. People care very much about the health of the coastline. I try to provide scientific information on land-ocean interactions and the transport of pollutants from land to the ocean so that the best management decisions can be made to preserve sustainable coastal ecosystems. Advice for Young Scientists: Dream big and work hard to achieve your goals! Questions for Henrieta? Contact her here:  MORE >>
04.17.2013 - COSEE Island Earth has recently joined NOAA in being a proud supporter of their Dolphin SMART program. Dolphin SMART is a voluntary education program that recognizes wild dolphin viewing tour businesses that responsibly view dolphins. The purpose of the Dolphin SMART program is to promote wild dolphin conservation through education and responsible advertising and viewing.  MORE >>
04.17.2013 - Hometown: I’m from a small village in the United Kingdom, but I consider Honolulu my home. Occupation: Professor of Oceanography at the University of Hawai?i Research Interests: I’m interested in the role of the ocean in climate and climate change. I investigate ocean processes responsible for mixing and how these processes impact upon marine ecosystems – in the tropics, for example, there are larger-scale impacts. One important feature of water motion is turbulence and I’ve been on four research cruises over the past two years to measure turbulence on the oceans. Interests Growing up: Music! I actually used to play the euphonium in a brass band. I also like cricket and rugby. How I got into Marine Science: I actually didn’t start off studying marine science. In fact, I did my first degree in the U.K. in Mathematics. I became interested in fluid dynamics and the ocean is a big fluid and that’s how I ended up studying marine systems. Scientific Mission: I consider myself a natural philosopher. I want my work to help in policy writing and management. I’m specifically interested in issues from fisheries through to climate change. Advice for Young Scientists: Go with your passion! Be prepared with respect to your scientific knowledge. Do your research! And be realistic with your expectations.  MORE >>
04.08.2013 - COSEE Island Earth launches seaHarmony online collaboration tool for scientists and educators  MORE >>
12.12.2012 - The Waimea Ocean Film Festival gathers ocean-related speakers and documentaries for a fun filled week!  MORE >>
12.03.2012 - COSEE Island Earth promoted a new "Communicating Ocean Sciences" course to community college students.  MORE >>
10.18.2012 - COSEE Island Earth is pleased to announce the release of their new website:  MORE >>
10.09.2012 - Marine conservation organizations on Oahu and Maui have joined together to offer Ocean Awareness Training. The training course provides multi-disciplinary knowledge of Hawai‘i’s unique marine environment.  MORE >>
10.02.2012 - Moku o Loe: The Best Kept Secret in Kaneohe Bay is a continuing education course offered through Windward Community College that introduces the history and science behind a research partnership between the University of Hawaii’s Hawai'i Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB) and the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument. The course allows the public to learn about the captivating research ongoing in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands by bringing in current marine scientists and graduate students to talk about their work and the methods they use. Aimed at the public, the class draws a wide audience of those who are interested in understanding the inner mechanisms behind marine biology research while allowing for a teaching opportunity for scientists who normally do not get to work with the general public. University faculty and graduate students not only teach about their research, but develop a hands-on lab or class activity that demonstrates the type of work that they do. Topics have ranged from apex predators to coral health to marine connectivity and genetics. The class has been ongoing for nine semesters and brings in new guest researchers each time. Moku o Loe: The Best Kept Secret in Kaneohe Bay is becoming an important tradition for students and scientists as a mechanism that allows for meaningful science and public education collaborations. The course for Fall 2012 will be offered for five consecutive Tuesdays from 9 am to noon beginning the first week in October, to register contact Windward Community College Continuing Education Program.  MORE >>
09.29.2012 - COSEE Island Earth will host a booth at this year's NOAA Ocean Explorers Evening. Venture to the Waikiki Aquarium while discovering new education resources and old friends. NOAA's Ocean Explorer website, research and curricula will be highlighted, as well as the many resources available to educators to support marine curricula. Representatives from State and Federal organizations will have tables set up with instructional materials. Refreshments will be provided. The evening is free for educators and a guest. Both programs are sponsored by NOAA's Ocean Explorer program and the National Marine Sanctuary Foundation.  MORE >>
09.10.2012 - Popular talk radio show Hawaii’s Tomorrow 760 AM recently began including monthly segments on marine science and conservation sponsored by COSEE Island Earth and hosted by Carlie Wiener “the marine science gal”, and program manager for COSEE Island Earth. Interviews with students and faculty from University of Hawaii and Federal partners in marine sciences and management give local listeners a view into the issues and research currently being done at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology and elsewhere in the Hawaiian Islands. The program has been running since May and occurs monthly from 5 - 6 pm to share and educate about marine issues in the Hawaiian Islands. To hear show podcasts, CD requests can be made to  MORE >>
09.10.2012 - Ocean FEST family science nights feature hands-on ocean-themed science activities for students in grades 3–6 and their families. The goals are to: (1) educate participants about ocean and earth science issues that are relevant to their communities; and (2) inspire students — especially those from underrepresented groups — to pursue careers in the ocean and earth sciences. Ocean FEST has been ongoing for the past three years through two units at the University of Hawaii Manoa including Centers for Microbial Oceanography: Research and Education (C-MORE) and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB). COSEE Island Earth will join these organizations helping to put on Ocean FEST events statewide to twenty schools throughout the year. Ten of these events will take place on Oahu and the other ten will take place on neighbor islands.  MORE >>
08.01.2012 - On August 1, 2012, the Reef Assessment and Monitoring Program embarked on a 24-day research expedition to Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument and World Heritage Site aboard the NOAA ship Hiialakai. The scientific party consisted of staff from NOAA's National Marine Sanctuary Program, National Marine Fisheries Service Pacific Islands Fisheries Science Center-Coral Reef Ecosystem Division, the University of Hawaii, and Scripps Research Institute. Carlie Wiener, COSEE Island Earth program manager and Megan Onuma student and COSEE Island Earth employee joined the research group as the education team. The expedition visited French Frigate Shoals, Lisianski Island, Pearl and Hermes Reef, and Kure Atoll to conduct various activities, including: ecological assessments of reef fish, corals, other invertebrates, and algae; coral disease surveys to determine disease; bioerosion assessments to determine the growth and erosion of corals; and ecological acoustic monitoring using underwater instrumentation.  MORE >>
07.30.2012 - The Hawaii Environmental Education Alliance (HEEA) hosted the Hawaii Environmental Education Symposium on Monday, July 30, 2012 at the Hawaii Convention Center. As part of the symposium objectives five concurrent sessions with applied themes were lead throughout the day. COSEE Island Earth hosted and sponsored one of these sessions, entitled Kai Connections: Building Education Partnerships in the Ocean Sciences. The session introduced the topic of ocean literacy and aligned these principals with the Hawaii Environmental Literacy Plan, as well as showcased on-going projects at marine science and conservation institutions that facilitate ocean sciences education in the Hawaiian Islands. The sessions also featured talks and activity demonstrations by marine science educators and researchers on a number of topics, including technology in ocean sciences, invasive species and connectivity, and education from a scientists' perspective. The symposium ended with a professional development and capacity-building seminar to boost the potential for environmental education in Hawaii.  MORE >>
07.28.2012 - COSEE Island Earth hosted a media training workshop as part of the pilot journalist at sea program. Twenty participants attended the Communication in Ocean Sciences Workshop, facilitated by COSEE Island Earth and Polynesian Voyaging Society on Saturday, July 28, 2012.  MORE >>
07.05.2012 - Every Thursday in July COSEE Island Earth partnered with Hanauma Bay for their weekly evening lecture series. Members of the public joined together at the Hanauma Bay Education Center to enjoy a variety of free lecture covering a range of marine science and conservation topics. The University of Hawaii SeaGrant funded program offers a chance for the community to come and learn about incredible ocean topics straight from the professionals. Scientists and other ocean experts get the opportunity to share their knowledge and exciting research with people who are interested in Hawaii's waters. Furthermore, the Hanauma Bay lecture series gives graduate students a forum at which to improve their presentation skills. These presentations were part of a month long collaboration between COSEE Island Earth and UH Sea Grant to connect young science researchers with the community. Topics included marine evolution and ecology, spinner dolphins, the history of research in the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands, and coral reefs and climate change.  MORE >>
04.21.2012 - This year’s Ocean Expo was a huge success, featuring informational booths and vendors for everything ocean related. On Earth Day weekend, April 21-22, ocean enthusiasts filled the Neil Blaisdell exhibition hall for the Hawaii Ocean Expo. Vendors eagerly displayed seafood, boats, and other ocean-themed products in conjunction with many marine organizations sharing information about conservation, policy, and science. COSEE Island Earth hosted a booth in coordination with the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology to educate the community about topics in marine science and conservation.  MORE >>
01.31.2012 - Each year the Hawaiian Islands Humpback Whale National Marine Sanctuary, in partnership with other ocean science and management organizations on the islands of Oahu and Maui host several sessions of Ocean Awareness Training (OAT). This is a five week long program designed to educate marine resource users about various marine conservation and cultural issues. Scientists and community organization leaders give expert lectures on topics such as ocean fauna, coastal development, cultural perspectives, and marine debris. This past year, OAT was co-hosted by the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology (HIMB). The course included a trip to Moku o Loe (Coconut Island) in Kaneohe Bay, where HIMB is located, to learn about the research and to tour the island. Additionally, each participant completed three hours of volunteer field work in order to receive their OAT certification. Marine related organizations such as COSEE (Centers for Ocean Sciences Education Excellence), Friends of Hanauma Bay, and the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology, received the opportunity to reach out to and educate members of the community. Participants in OAT receive career development training and a certification card, as well as a plethora of knowledge concerning a wide breadth of marine issues.  MORE >>