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Featured Scientist: Nyssa Silbiger - 07.31.2014

Occupation: Nyssa Silbiger, Graduate student at the Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology.

Hometown: Coral Springs, Florida.

How I got into Marine Science: : I have one of those typical “how I became a marine biologist stories”. I grew up in south Florida very close to the ocean and I started going to the beach and snorkeling from before I can remember. As a 5th grader, I took a trip to a marine lab in Key Largo where they taught us about coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves…I was basically hooked from there.

Research Interests: I am broadly interested in how ecological processes change over space and time. For my dissertation, I am focusing on how the marine environment shapes the balance between coral reef growth and natural reef destruction (reef erosion) and, further, how this balance will shift with climate change. This research is being conducted across the entire Hawaiian archipelago from Maui to Kure Atoll.

Interests growing up: I love to snorkel and play tennis. I love math too but that seems super nerdy. Basically, I enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors or being in the water.

Advice for Young Scientists: Get in the water as much as you can. Volunteer - anywhere. You're never too young to help out at an aquarium, zoo or lab. The more hands-on experience you have the more likely you are to become successful.

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