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Featured Scientist: Kevin Weng - 02.04.2015

 Kevin Weng
Meet Kevin Weng, Assistant Specialist

Hometown: I think it was somewhere in Ohio

Occupation: Biologist

Research Interests: Spatial ecology, migration and habitat requirements of both commercially targeted fishes as well as bycatch species such as sharks. The lab is investigating the home range and behavior of an endangered coral reef fish, the Napoleon (humphead) wrasse. After many of hours under water, the team has learned that it is possible to catch a fish by swimming after it.

Interests growing up: Bugs, bikes, birds, diving, fishing, surfing, trail running, rock climbing, singing, photography, Tintin, D&D, building stuff, breaking stuff, fixing stuff.

How I got into Marine Science: As an environmental consultant in Hong Kong I worked on a fisheries project; and the same year went to the Philippines and stayed on a friend's boat. Got a taste for saltwater and decided to go to grad school.

Scientific Mission: To understand the biology of the ocean's amazing creatures in ways that will help us to manage and conserve them. To study nature, not computers. To be inspired.

Advice for Young Scientists: Hang around with curious, motivated people who are doing interesting things. Get good grades, err on the quantitative side (ha ha). Go outside and poke things. Kill your TV.

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