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Featured Scientist: Brian W. Bowen - 03.02.2015

Meet Brian W. Bowen, Ph.D.
Research Professor
Hawaii Institute of Marine Biology

Hometown: Providence R.I.

Occupation: Researcher

Research Interests: Resolving how marine biodiversity is produced and maintained. These studies focus on the genetic connectivity of coral reef communities across the Indo-Pacific region, with a special focus on the Papahanaumokuakea Marine National Monument.

Interests growing up: As a kid I spent summers snorkeling in Cape Cod Bay, where I learned to appreciate marine life, especially fishes. I also maintained about a dozen aquariums in the basement of my family home. This taught me about the diversity of fishes and aquatic life.

How I got into Marine Science: As a high school senior I was told to forget about a career in marine biology, so I tried to be a biomedical engineer in college. After two years I flunked out, lacking the discipline to pursue a profession outside my interests. After that, I decided to focus on what I love, and got a B.S. in Biology from Providence College, and a M.A. in Marine Science from V.I.M.S. There I realized that genetics could reveal many aspects of marine biology, and subsequently completed a Ph.D. in Genetics at University of Georgia.

Scientific Mission: Learn how marine biodiversity is produced and maintained, with practical applications in marine conservation.

Advice for Young Scientists: There are many more scientists out there than available jobs. If you want a career in science, you have to be devoted to your field. Hobbies? Forget them. Outside interests? Gone. T.V.? Get rid of it. Science has to be your life.

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